Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iran for foreigners

As I was talking to many non iranian friends of mine the other day, it became clear that most of them dont really know what is going in in the country, although they are really interested in the topic.

So I thought it would be a good idea to sum up the most important facts about the country's politics.

1. Political system of Iran

Although the presidant gets elected by the people, Iran is not a democratic country. Actually he has nothing to say since no political decisions is lawful without the agreement of the supreme leader of the country Ayatollah Chamenei. I dont want to go to much into detail about how the parlament and stuff works, but I would recommend to you to read the wikipedia article about him and his political role.
Another very important thing is, that all presidental candidates are chosen by him.
Have you seen the posters saying "This is not election. This is selection." Well, this is what they mean.

2. Where does Moussavi stand politically?

Most of the people think that Moussavi will bring real democracy to Iran. Well, HE WONT! He once was president of Iran from 1982 to 1989, so he is part of the inner heart of the theocratical system. Under his leadership tens of thousands of students were executed in the late 80s.
You must not forget that every presidental candidate gets chosen by Chamenei, and he sure will choose the ones who will stick to the regime, no matter what happens.
Most of the people voted for him, because he may not be the best choice, but he still is the better one compared to Ahmadinejad.

3. Why do the people demonstrate?

Of course it is impossible to know the motivation of every single demonstrator. There are millions of people and surely as much opinions about what should come next.
But what they all have in common is there desire for change, for freedom and for democracy (more or less).
The election fraud is surely the last straw, since this regime is killing men, women, children, innocents, mentally retards, just everyone who does not fit into their views since 30 years. And the people know that (mainly because most of the executions took place in public). And now they are fighting back!
I got the feeling that most of the people think, that Iran was a well working democray until last friday, but IT WAS NOT!

4. But why are only people in Tehran demonstrating?

Please do not believe that. Its not true! Rallies take place all over the country, in almost every city and every town.
Please do not forget these people, because they are risking their lives just like the protesters in Tehran!

5. What is the role of the police and the army?

Most of the most violent pictures dont show policemen or soldiers attacking or shooting at the people. They show the Basiji, a volunteer based paramilitary force. And because they are volunteers, unlike the army, the regime can be sure that they will defend it, no matter what the price is.
Additionally to that there are rumors that Hezbollah forces were brought to Tehran to support the Basij. This was not confirmed, but many eye witnesses had said that the most brutal bullys dont even speak farsi.
There are also rumors that the army was told to shoot at the people, but refused to do so.

6. People get tired and stop demonstrating

This is also not true! It may appear so, because foreign media is not allowed to work there, but it is not true!! Contrariwise the rallies grow bigger and bigger from day to day, from hour to hour!

7. How can I help?

Even if you're not an Iranian, it is your duty as a human being to support these people. If you are a student, dont forget that they are also students, with exactly the same wishes and hopes for their future like you.
And if you have children, dont forget that they also have children, with exactly the same fears for their future like you.
They are humans like you. No terrorists. No islamist. Just freedom seeking people, like you!
Nobody wants your money, all that is needed is your voice. Write to the politicians, so that they dont accept Ahmadinejad as president, write to Amnesty International, to local radio stations, to the media, CNN or BBC, so that the dont stop reporting from Iran. If you are member of any kind of club, use this!
If you are on Twitter, change your timezone to Tehran!

Useful Links

Please click on these links and just let them work in the background. All they do is to open the pages of the most important regime members and just refresh them every second. This will lead to a breakdown of the traffic and their sites become unreachable.
If they can block Facebook and other important sites, we can do the same to them.

If you want to open all the pages in one single window, please click here.

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