Friday, June 19, 2009

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Students were taken to the underground of the interior ministry. Plainclothes attacked the university, insulting them and beating them up.
Once they were taken to the underground, guards continued to torture them. Some of them went to the Evin prison
A group of around 46 with a minibus were taken to the basement of the interior ministry blindfolded.
When in the bus, they were put in seats where above above them were metal cans. Basij would come by and hit the cans to torture them. This was awful mental torture.
They noticed at the point the bus turned that they were going underground. From Basij comments, they knew they were going to the basement of the interior ministry.
The place they were held appeared 100 m size (not sure if square or distance)
The floor was covered with black ash and steam was coming out of it. Students were forced to lie on the ground and roll across it. If they hit someone elses feet, they'd get hit with baton.
The guards kept asking, "are you going to make revolution?" and issued family insults
Around 50 students, 20 plainclothes/guards
Later, when sitting on the ground, they were continuously told to look down and then up. After a few minutes of staring at the ground, they would receive a kick to the face. "why aren't you looking at the ground?" they'd then say.
While doing this, there was the sound of breaking bricks. They were told it was from workers who were behind the building working, but it was obvious it was purposeful. This was awful mental torture.
The bathrooms were inhumane. They did not have doors or covers, and students only had 30 seconds to go to the bathroom. One student whose pants was down was kicked out to be revealed to others.
One student was injured in the eye earlier. He said his eyes were hurting badly, said losing eyesight. He then received a kick to his face.
Another student with a broken leg, and in the corner, they didn't treat well.
Almost no water offered. Students were lined up in 5s one behind another, and a little water was poured over them quickly.
One of the head officers asked jokingly if their thirsts were quenched. The officers responded saying yes. The head officer then asked "then why is one in corner dying?" Soldiers took a hose and shot boiling water at all of them.
Students were given old macaroni in their hands. They were fearful to eat the food because they were told that if it fell to the floor full of ash, they'd have to eat it or suffer kicking otherwise.
The morning after, they received a old, dry piece of bread with piece of cheese. They had to split the bread with the person next to him. Since the bread was so dry, many crumbs would fall, and they had to pick the pieces up from the ashes.

Another ugly and dirty torture was sexual torture. They are so embarrassed that they don't want to say what happened. Once transferred to police station, the sexual torture continued.

This one day stay was the worst of their lives. Sometimes, they felt like they'd be there forever, and that no one would help. after an hour in the place, while rolling in the ground, one student began to cry, which led to the rest breaking down as well.

One of the agents who went to the basement said to the students that their experience would be 1000x worse than guantanamo.

The students were taken later to security police. They were taken to a press conference with Chancellor Dr Rahbar and a member of Majlis. The students were given shirts to cover up their blood, and the government media showed up to report. The Chancellor said the students of Tehran University were fine, but that they would still look into the allegations that the Basij had treated students poorly. If he was caring for the students, he would have prevented the attacks to begin with.


billy said...

The world sees what is happening in Iran.

jhwygirl said...

Thank you for the report. The world must see.

I wish there were something I could do.

Anonymous said...

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