Sunday, June 21, 2009

Protests in other cities

Today I was watching CNN News and they were showing a video from Shiraz and saying it was the first time that there were any signs that there are also protests going on outside of Teheran. But there have been demonstrations everywhere since day one. Please do not forget that!


peregudo said...

لازم تسن که شمار نفری که در تظاهرات شرکت می‌کنند را بالا ببرید. فقط اگر حدود یک ملیون نفر در خیابون می‌رود امکانیت فروپاشی رژیم تشکیل می‌شود و واضح می‌شود. مرده باد جمهوری اسلامی!

It is necessary to increase the number of people who participate in protests. Only if one million people flows in the streets, possibility of overthrowing the regime emerges and becomes evident. Let Islamic republic die!

Sudeaux said...

Thank you for your website. We in the US are hungry for information on Iran and the Iranian people.

Anonymous said...

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