Monday, June 22, 2009


What kind of man shoots at a 26 year old girl? What does he think? Does he have friends? Does he return to his home in the evening and play with his children? Does he have dreams and wishes for his future? Does he have a favourite song or movie?

Everyone has a few minutes before falling asleep at night, when he can think about his life. What does this man think? Does he ever really think?

Does he regret that he had killed, that he had murdered her? Does he tell his mother, his sister, that he was the one who shot her?

After all he is a human being, isn't he?
I just try to understand.

Neda, you werent supposed to die like that. You werent supposed to become the symbol of a movement. You were supposed to go to school, to university. You were supposed to go out with your girlfriends, to date handsome guys and to fall in love. You were supposed to cry, to laugh, to hate and to love. You were supposed to live, Neda. It was your right!

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