Saturday, June 20, 2009

Now that we have your attention...

Iran is changing in these days. And the whole world is watching. How the people protest against the regime, how students get shot and die in the arms of their friends, how paramilitary forces are spreading terror in students dorms, on the street, in private homes. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and iReport make it possible.

But what about the last 30 years? Who was watching then? When the government killed ten
thousands of students in the late eighties? When Ayatollah Khomeini sent thousands of minors, 15 year old boys, to die in the war against Iraq? The media makes it look like Iran was a working democracy until last friday, but it never was.
Our government doesn't work for us, they work for themselves and their craving for power. The so called democracy is just ridiculous, since the almighty supreme leader does not get elected by the people.
I always felt as if the world had forgotten us. Everybody has an opinion when it comes to Palestine, when it comes to whether computer games should be banned or not, when it comes to Paris Hilton's new hairstyle.

But what about us? People from other countries seem to think that our biggest problem is being forced to wear a headscarf in public or not being allowed to go to clubs and parties and that we are muslims and it should be okay for us.
And I cant remember ever seeing a news report about the executions of minors in the Islamic Republic. About writers, students and poets tortured to death. About mentally retarded, sexually abused girls executed by stoning. In 2008 350 people were executed by the regime. And most of them not for murdering or hurting other people, but for "crimes against the moral".

I dont want to tell you stories about how people
get tortured, for what "crimes" they have to let their lives. I dont want this shocking effect which only generates compassion. And I don't want to create any opinions about who is good and who is not (Especially when it comes to the revolution 30 years ago and the role of the Shah then).
But I do want you to see, to realize, that we have the same drive to live in freedom as you do.
That we will not be content with a change within the system.
That this is not only about election fraud, not only about our right to vote and get heard, but about our right to live in a peaceful society, where our personal, religious and economical freedom and our cultural identity is respected and defended by the government.

Now that you have seen that we are a peaceful nation, that we do want to get rid of this regime please get informed about what happened in our country the last 30 years. Don't forget those who had to leave their lives, who were murdered by the regime, before the society was ready rise and to fight for their freedom!

PS: I will search some good links about recent Iranian history and the actual situation of the human rights and post them here as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

You have to understand that Iran is an "Official Enemy" of the West (and let's not get into the idiotic reasons why that is so). As a result, it is normally impossible for the Western Media to show an evenly slightly sympathetic face on any Iranian, or else it would remove from the official propaganda that all Iranians are medieval religious fanatics living in a barren desert.

Believe me, Westerners watching pictures of a modern Tehran, full of shopping malls, gleaming buildings, modern subway trains, etc. find these pictures more shocking than your picture of bodies hanging from cranes.

Stephanie Ericsson said...

Dear Tazahorate Ma,
Your blog's message is so important. Important to the American people, have tended to be very self-absorbed and ignorant of what is going on in the rest of the world. Our country was founded on out-rage at the same things your country is fighting against but people have forgotten that. Comfort and success made us complacent--up until now. Now, more and more people are suffering here because of the lies and crimes of our government and economic leaders. With suffering comes awakening. With suffering comes the kind of fury that is making people demand justice.

This is why the eyes of our country are on Iran right now. You are doing what we have not yet become enraged enough to do. But it is building. The crimes of our governments are the same as yours--worse even. The only difference is that your government isn't as sophisticated at duplicity as ours, with its armies of image makers saying to the American people, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Your rising, your defiance, is helping the rest of the world realize the chains that we, too, are oppressed by. The timing is so fortunate, with all the Internet and technology to support it, with the world's people in discontent; YOU are now the leading edge of change. RIP to those who've given their lives for not only Iranians, but for freedom, respect and dignity of all people.

Anonymous said...

Solidarité de France!

The Iranian people are a brave example to the world.

"As long as there is a soul in prison, I am not free."

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